A Million Shining Colours / by E

       Simian Ghost's first single since last year's Autumn Slowmo EP features retrospective lyrics, a gorgeous composition, and an opening line which will suck you in immediately with the repetition of "I have wasted all of my time".
       The song's composition is fantastic (it will get stuck in your head with incredible ease) and lyrics which lead vocalist, Sebastian, explains talk "about that feeling I think many people working with music or art in any form gets sometimes, that it's a bit hopeless what you're doing. It's about coming to terms with that, to be able to look at yourself and what you burn for in life, in all it's hopelessness, and smile" are amazing.
       The band's third album, The Veil, is set for release in 2014, so listen to the song below and check out the websites to stay up to date with the band.
"A Million Shining Colours" Simian Ghost
- E
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