Avenue / by E

      I love this song because his response of "don't you worry about it. It's none of your business. I know exactly what I'm doing" is the best way to answer any of your family member's questions during the holidays. If I can make it through Thanksgiving without anyone asking me about my grades, or next semester's schedule, or when I plan on graduating, or if I'm in a 'serious' relationship, or when I plan on getting a 'real' job, I'll be good. 
      Oh, Thanksgiving, thanks for reminding me why I only talk to these people once a year and why Christmas is strictly an immediate family event.
       Scott & Brendo have awesome songs though; the melodies and rhythm never get old and the lyrics are always fun. Get their latest album, And Away We Go, on iTunes now, because it's been almost a year and I'm still not tired of listening to these songs when I need something fun. Check out  "Synthia", "Little Voices", "Somewhere", "Northwest", "The Chosen" (watch the video), and, of course, "Kitten Air" (it is just as fantastic as it sounds).
"Avenue" Scott & Brendo
- E
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