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       Every time you guys read one of the old posts I get really self-conscious. Those are from back when I didn't have people emailing me and I was just trying to throw together material for the bands I liked from whatever I could find on Wikipedia. It's also back during the time when there was an emphasis on 'personal blog' and not so much 'source for good music' so I've deleted a lot of it (but obviously not enough according to what you guys have been looking into). Seriously guys, I appreciate it, but if you wanted to just ignore anything that happened before maybe mid-late August/early September of this year when the blog suddenly became weirdly popular, I would be totally okay with that.
       On that note, I am positive that I have not talked about all the music that has come in to my mailbox; admittedly, some of that is on purpose, but a lot of it is just because it's been a little overwhelming and I would totally have it under control if I didn't also have work, school, and whatever small semblance of a social life I can squeeze in there (as it is, every time I answer an email I sit there thinking "shit, who did that go to?"). Most of the posts are written between one and five in the morning so, if I have mentioned you before and you have something new, please get back in touch with me. I've honestly forgotten about it and I would only feature you on the blog if I liked your music in the first place. Well, I mean, I can think of two exceptions (don't worry; unless you're from France or the definition of pop, it's not you), but if you're one of the artists/bands that have followed me on Twitter, or who I've personally gotten in touch with or, especially, one of the very few who has my name and phone number, it's only because I want to keep featuring your music, so feel free to send me updates and I will gladly put it out there.
       I think that's everything.. Probably. Subscribe on YouTube if you want; subscribers get to see playlists I don't put on the blog and any concert videos I upload when I remember to do so (it takes forever to upload so I usually don't but, every once in a while, it's there). Do whatever you do with Google+ (seriously, I don't know. Is it like a pretentious Facebook? It just sort of updates automatically so I figure I'll just leave it alone and let it live its own life), check out MySpace (though I don't even really check that out so maybe don't), and follow me on Twitter. There is a lot more music on Twitter because it's either music I like and I'm going to write about later or it's music I like but I'm never actually going to write about so it's out there for you if you want it. So, yeah. That's it. You guys are amazing for reading (especially those of you who have been here since the beginning, through every dreadfully written and now deleted post) and I like you all a lot.
       Here's an awesome song for making it all the way through that. Unless you just skipped down to the song. In which case your attention span sucks, but so does mine so we're cool.
       The song is perfect (I once got stuck in a rut where I listened to it forty-eight times straight.. can't decide if that was a low point or if the music made it acceptable) and the music video is adorable because it's based off the style of artwork used in Space Quest and that was my favorite arcade game when I was little (I swear I'm not as sad as this last part makes me sound).
"Let Your Heart Hold Fast" Fort Atlantic
- E
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