We Belonged / by E

       I actually really like this; not to sound surprised, because I like all the music I feature (I can listen to and appreciate whatever redeeming quality fans of that genre will like in each featured song), but this one will be in my personal playlist, because I can't get enough.
       That steady strumming mixed with the soft xylophone and piano melodies which flow so effortlessly with those weaving strings and that sturdy and ever-present back-beat which gives this song a perfect rhythm have me wanting to play this song again, based only on its gorgeous composition (plus, I really love when musicians leave that slide scratch in their music).
       The lyrics are gorgeous with lines "I can hear you draw me nearer, echo of you still going strong, I can't believe you're gone", "from the oak tree, where you broke me, with a kind word, and a knowing smile, I feel you breathe a while" and a chorus which states "and you shone so damn brightly, and all that you awoke inside me, is dancing in the dark without a song, and you shone so damn brightly, you beheld and recognized me, though i was standing two feet in the wrong, you knew where we belonged" that hold a level of emotional vulnerability and honesty that have left me addicted.
       Going hand in hand with a perfect instrumentation and soulful lyrics is, of course, an amazing music video. It tells a darkly gorgeous story in less than four minutes that will break your heart, but I'm still left wanting to watch it again because it was put together so beautifully.
       Though Katey Laurel's latest single makes me tear up a bit by reminding me of everything my brother does to keep my family and I safe, The Common's single from their new EP holds a rhythm I don't want to let out of my head, and I've been playing "Master of Eden" on repeat since last Wednesday, if you only check one song today, make it this one.
       Check out the video below, head to the websites, and start getting excited for Stoney's next album, More Than Animals.
"We Belonged" Stoney
- E
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