World on Fire / by E

         Moshav released their new music video for "World on Fire" today and it's fantastic. 
       The video follows a $20 bill being passed from person to person, each with their own hardships, ending with the moral that 'the best things in life can't be bought'. It's sweet and adorable and I kind of love it (and working retail has me hoping that maybe people calm down and realize this before trampling each other on Black Friday [or at least, just, please do not rub your noses on the windows I spent half an hour cleaning tonight. Please]).
       "World on Fire" is the lead single from the band's new album New Sun Rising and, with a catchy chorus, sweet lyrics, and a melody that's stuck in my head after only two listens, it's amazing.
"World on Fire" Moshav featuring Matisyahu
- E
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