Dance of Life / by E

       I have an interview this morning that might change the course of today's New Music Monday updates a bit, but the artist's music is great so it's worth it and I don't have to work at my actual paying job today so you should get more music than Monday's past.
       Amy Weber teamed up with Sean Kingston to release her video "Dance of Life" and it's upbeat and fun. The video generically captures the fun/youthful sound in the song as all videos in this genre do, but the song's the bit that you should pay attention to. The piano is gorgeous (when it's present), the beat is fun, Kingston is always great (maybe that's because of personal memories but, really, you have to admit that his music is always upbeat and sing-along-worthy), and Weber's vocals are sweet and pure and back up wonderfully energetic lyrics that you're going to be singing along to by the second listen. Check out the video for "Dance of Life" below and listen to Weber's first single, "Let It Rain" because it's addictive, fun, and perfect for the road trip you've got to make to head home for the holiday break.
"Dance of Life" Amy Weber featuring Sean Kingston
- E
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