Get Around This / by E

       Remember when I said I was going to put up my interview with Melodime but then I had a final or work every day (or both) and I was thinking "fuck all of this" and didn't get much done because there was too much going on that could hold my interest and I just couldn't focus on finishing that task.. yeah. The good news is, the interview is all set and ready to go, but the (semi) bad news is that I am not going to put it up until Tuesday (it is set to go up automatically so that I can't flake out on that again).
       Anyways, it's SafetySuit Saturday again and I have some time to kill before going to work so maybe I can put up a few posts for you guys and even take a short time to talk about how Beyoncé is more amazing than any of us will ever be (that being said, I do have the attention span of a three year old and someone is definitely cooking something in the kitchen).
       The song's awesome because there's definitely a lot of violin in there, the lyrics are great and it's nearly impossible to not get caught up in that chorus, and the whole composition is, as always, perfect.
"Get Around This" SafetySuit
- E