Happy Xmas (War Is Over) / by E

       Tomorrow's New Music Monday and I'm working on some things for you guys from the music that's come in over the past week and some more that's been backlogged from as far back as September. Also working on another bulleted list of music news items since you seemed to appreciate the last one from a few weeks ago and, some time this week, I will finally put up the Q&A I got to have with the some of the guys from Melodime (they're an awesome band whose music you should be checking out by now, especially since 100% of the proceeds from the sale of their album go to charity). 
      After last year's apathetic response to featuring a Queen hit on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death (granted though, there were literally thousands less readers at that point than there are now but, still) I had decided to just not bother with any more posts holding that same sentiment but, seeing as how Lennon wrote a song that is amazing and manages to ring true decades later (and is incredibly easy on piano so check it out if you play) that is perfect as everyone is putting up their Christmas trees and lights, this song should bring light to the fact that John Lennon was an awe-inspiring songwriter. It's one of the top five best Christmas songs of all time, in my opinion, so check it out, fall in love, and listen to it every year, because Lennon was intelligent and he knew the importance of words and understood that facetious cheer and thoughtful lyrics were more powerful than any negative chant.
"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" John Lennon
- E
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