Heartbreaker / by E

       If you're a fan of Matthew Mole's music (and I know most of you are [I think this is the third month straight that "Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" has been in the top seven for the week]) head over to iTunes to get his Take Yours, I'll Take Mine EP because it's got two tracks that weren't released on the last album (including his cover of "Heartbreaker" which you can hear below), "To This World" (which was previously released as a bonus track), and an acoustic recording of "Take Yours, I'll Take Mine". If you still don't have The Home We Built, make sure to buy that too because the songs are gorgeous and those vocals are great. 
       Get the album so that you can have a clear recording of his cover and play it on repeat.
"Heartbreaker" Matthew Mole
- E
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