Little Drummer Boy / by E

       I was trying not to get sucked into the whole Christmas scene until I had finished my last final, but then I came home from work last night to find a Christmas tree already lit and decorated and my very unhappy dog wearing a too small Santa hat. The holiday's are here so I might as well embrace them.
      Walk Off the Earth came out with a new video featuring their cover of "Little Drummer Boy" and it's fantastic (I'm probably biased because there's a husky on the drums but, seriously, the video's adorable). The composition is, as expected from this band, gorgeous and those always great vocals make the cover addictive.
      Pick up their new iTunes session series and this single now and, if you still do not have their album R.E.V.O, get it on iTunes because all the songs are fantastic.
"Little Drummer Boy" Walk Off the Earth
- E
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