On Your Side / by E

       I was sitting here all distracted by last night and couldn't think of any music to write about, then I realized that it's SafetySuit Saturday and my work is already half done for me which is fantastic. 'Kay, so, SafetySuit Saturday..
       SafetySuit released the first single from their forthcoming third album on December 3rd and, if you still don't have it, you've got to get on that, because it's gorgeous. It picks up slowly in the beginning with a soft and gorgeous melody before swelling into something full of awesome techno beats that drops off just in time for Brown to sing wonderfully honest lyrics that always end with a sweet promise. Lines like "there's gonna be times when...you feel scared and the streets feel cold and the world is empty...there's gonna be times you feel you're losing, like you could be somebody, you just need the chance to prove it", "when the tide pulls you under I'll be the one who rescues you, and when they come and try to take over, I'm gonna knock off every demon that lands on your shoulder, I'll be there for you, everywhere you go", and the refrain which simply states "I am on your side, beginning to the end, you know" are all amazing.
       The song's about six and a half minutes long, which seemed long to me at first (seeing as how it's a first single and should be grabbing your attention), but the song still manages to grab your attention every time it's about to drop off by maintaining a sort of movement-esque quality, turning the bridge into something separate from the rest of the piece but pulling it all together by circling back around to the original idea by the end. This band is completely adept at allowing their music to speak just as loudly as their lyrics (which is why they're amazing) and they have outdone themselves with this track, so get it on iTunes (actually buy it to support the band) and start playing it on repeat. 
"On Your Side" SafetySuit
- E