Remember When (Push Rewind) / by E

       I don't have time to write a full post right now and I apparently don't have the foresight to prepare something ahead of time, so just listen to this (on repeat). 
       I played Wallace's music so often last year that my friend now groans when she hears these opening notes and he was mentioned on last year's 'bands to watch in 2013' list because he should have so much more than he does now. Push Rewind was catchy as hell and you know that, even though they are so pop fueled it could rot your teeth, you just want to sing along to "Invincible" and "Keep Me Crazy".
       In 2014, we should all just accept Wallace's greatness and stop acting like him and his voice aren't perfect.
"Remember When (Push Rewind)" Chris Wallace
- E
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