Visions / by E

       I briefly mentioned the release of this music video last week, but I was in the beginning throes of finals week and wasn't too concerned with talking about any music and, right now, I'm just waiting for a phone interview to start and really think you should pay more attention to this song (because it's completely amazing). 
       That composition is so fantastic, infusing a soft and steady guitar riff with vocal riffs that soar over the music and bring you back to a slowed melody and each perfectly constructed verse. Lyrics that read "I was always fond of the notion, that I was drenched in some spirit ocean, and all my visions merely the symptom of eyes open so wide, that I could peer into the other side" and "you're the ghost that I was born to know, and you're the throat from which the echo was thrown" are amazing and kind of perfect. 
       Check out the great video below and pay attention to the song's fantastic music and lyrics.
"Visions" Saintseneca
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