Who To Watch in 2014 / by E

       A trimmed down list of the bands/artists you need to be watching for in 2014.
    London Grammar- After releasing "Hey Now" last December they, more or less, exploded onto the scene and, with new tracks like "Nightcall" maintaining the same gorgeous lulls and haunting melodies that made us fall for their music in the first place, the band won't be leaving any time soon.
   Hudson Taylor- Listen to one song and you should be hooked because they're perfect. I heard "World Without You" once and now I can't stop; those vocal harmonies and the simplistically wonderful melodies of two acoustic guitars coming together makes their music undeniably addictive and more of their music will be available in the US soon (listen to this [and this] until then to hear how truly great they are).
   Palaye Royale- While on the topic of addictive music, this band has to be mentioned. The reason I am so amazed by their music is because they use classical structures for the bones of their tracks, then they flesh it out with modern tones and indie-rock riffs. The lyrics are so very amazing that I still have not found a less than perfect song from the band and those vocals are so satisfying they could not possibly be any better. Plus, the band has that ineffable 'spark' that you need if you want to be something; they have it and they'll be great (listen to "Get Higher", "Primary Propaganda" and "Die For Something Beautiful" to get started).
   Matthew Mole- His album was number one in South Africa because his music is amazing. If you've been to the blog before, you've probably heard "Take Yours, I'll Take Mine" (because it is the most viewed post, with a good three hundred view headstart on the next closest post), but buy his albums and check out his other music because it's all fantastic. Everything from The Home We Built is filled with sweet melodies and honest lyrics and his Take Yours, I'll Take Mine EP is worth the few dollars because it will, possibly, hold you over until this artist gives us some new tracks to fall in love with.
   Echosmith- Their Talking Dreams album was perfection and, by now, you should have heard "Cool Kids" or "Come Together" on some media outlet and fallen for the band's music. Check them out because they're going to rise quickly in 2014 and you want to know them before all your friends.
   Cattle and Cane- I actually might like these guys better than Kodaline. That seems blasphemous. Their melodies seem fuller, relying on the acoustic rather than the studio, and something in those vocals is more satisfying than that of Garrigan's. Kodaline is amazing, and their quick rise from last August's "All I Want" to this year's headlining international dates is proof of that, but Cattle and Cane's sound is so sweet and pure that I can't seem to get enough of them. Listen to "Red", "I Will Rise", "Sold My Soul", and "Pull Down the Moon".
   City Rain- I don't know why I'm so excited to see what's on their next album, but I just know it's going to be great and you need to be excited for it; their music's slightly amazing. Schools For A High School Dance cannot actually be anything less than near perfection because I'm Gone and Montage were so great and every song that they have released in anticipation of the album is gorgeous and even better than those earlier tracks, so be excited for this next album's release. Listen to "Join the Human Race" and "Mama I Wanna Go Home". 
   Hunter Hunted- Their vocal harmonies and songwriting abilities have always been there and, now that they're signed to a label and have re-released their debut self-titled EP, there's no way the band isn't going to be infecting your radio. Listen to "Keep Together", "Gentle Folks", and "End of the World".
   Julian Taylor Band- "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Zero to Eleven" are impossible to listen to only once because the band's compositions are as close to perfection as they can get. Hooks that won't leave your head (in a good way) and hum-able melodies mean that the band's forthcoming album is bound to be fantastic. 
Bands to keep in mind:
Black Whiskey Union- Her voice is gorgeous and the tracks are catchy; give them time and they will win you over for sure.
For the Foxes- They just have one thing that needs to change and then they'll be set. 
The Saving Pointe- If they can devote a lot of time to the spread of this album and find someone to give them a leg up in the industry, they should be able to get something.
Gloryhound- They're just good. Really good. 
Love Like Hate- They're new, but give them time to give us an album and they'll be great.
GOVS- "Holy Infinity" promises great lyrics and melodies to come.
Night Terrors of 1927- I don't actually believe that they'll became 'famous' per say, but I do think that they will reach Ra Ra Riot cult-like levels of fan appreciation (which might even be better than widespread, all encompassing fame).
- E
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