Wonderful Christmastime / by E

       Meiko came out with a cover of "Wonderful Christmastime" and the Christmas classic seems to ironically fit my mood towards the season at this moment (I came home to find that the neighbor and my mother are in some sort of Battle of the Bulbs-esque light war and he's blasting Christmas music and muttering in Russian amidst his piles of lights and my mother has Hallmark on in every room, has made twelve different types of cookies and just sent my dad to Home Depot for more lights; it's all highly amusing as long as I don't get dragged into it). 
       Check out Meiko's cover because it's the best I've heard in a long time (probably since the original) and you can head to her website and contribute your own embarrassing holiday photo to be displayed in the slideshow video for the single (just instagram it with #MeikoTBC).
"Wonderful Christmastime" Meiko
- E
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