You Never Need Nobody / by E

       One of the most amazing small bands I've ever seen live. I was sitting on the ground in front of the stage and they still made it seem like I was right up there with them. It was intimate, in the best way, but with a fun and relaxed vibe that ran throughout, and the band and performance were just utterly amazing. It's the only time a live performance has completely entranced me and made me an instant fan; other performances may result in my listening to their music afterwards to decide if I really like them, but I knew I loved The Lone Bellow's music halfway through their second song. If you can only see one folk/country band live this year, make it these guys, because those vocal harmonies are just oh so sweet and the only thing more powerful than those aching melodies coming through your headphones is hearing them coming from a tiny stage.
       Check out the song because that composition is pure perfection, every lyric is great but "I won't dance around this no more, I'm the only one you should smile for" is amazing and ending where they began, with "and I try to get your affection, and all I ever do is wrong", is simply fantastic.
"You Never Need Nobody" The Lone Bellow
- E
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