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       Another Music Related News list for you guys. There's so much that happened last week and is happening this week that I cannot cover all of it, but there's plenty of music shoved in here for you to love. 

  • Young the Giant's Mind Over Matter will be released tomorrow and it is sure to be fantastic (because this band only puts out fantastic work), so listen to "Crystallized" and pre-order your copy now. 
  • After Christina Aguilera worked with A Great Big World on their single "Say Something", the band became popular overnight and it is well deserved, so check out their album Is Anybody Out There? when it is released tomorrow and check out tracks "I Really Want It", "Say Something", "You'll Be Okay", and "Everyone Is Gay" for a taste of some of their music.
  • Rascal Flatts released their latest single "Rewind" and their vocals kind of feel like going home.
  • Listen to Elements, the new EP from Rubberbear, and pay attention to their track "My Addiction" (because it's completely addictive).
  • Sleeper Agent's forthcoming About Last Night will be released March 25 and, while the lyric video for "Waves" seems oddly reminiscent of The Silent Comedy's "Light of Day", the track is still fantastic and well worth a few listens. 
  • Lanterns on the Lake released Until the Colours Run and you should listen to "The Buffalo Days" or "Green and Gold" at least once.
  • The Gods of Macho came out with their first track since the departure of guitarist Egg McMacho and, with their return to stripped gritty rock, the band reminded me of why I fell for their music in the first place. Listen to "Go Crazy" and love the song for its honesty and abrasive greatness.
  • The Fray came out with a new track I cannot stop listening to (I'm a little obsessed with it but it's totally cool because this always happens with The Fray's new singles) and, since I don't want to be in this obsession alone, you really should play "Hurricane" on repeat.
  • City Rain came out with "What's In Store" and reminded me of why they should be added to every road trip playlist. Their music winds together so many tracks and sounds that it should sound over-processed, but instead it just feels right and you have to dance with it because it's just so good.
  • "When the Rain Fell Down" was put on YouTube and it made me so happy (because it's simplicity leaves it starkly beautiful). Listen to the EP from Talk Radio on bandcamp now and buy the album to support an amazing indie artist.
  • You should feel free to get on the MisterWives and Echosmith fan bandwagons now, because both of those bands are ready to explode. London Grammar is in that group too, with their first ever single, "Hey Now", being re-released in time for them to reappear on the US music scene. Start listening to tracks from all three bands now because everyone will be talking about them and loving on them more than they already are and you want to know at least two of their tracks, when everyone else only knows one. 
  • Dave Grohl announced that the Foo Fighters are currently working on their follow-up to Wasting Light.
  • Beck released his first single from Morning Phase entitled "Blue Moon"; get the single now when you pre-order the album from iTunes. If anyone embodies the sentiment of hard-working artist, it's Beck (when he was trying to kick off his career, he recorded his songs on tapes [actual rewind-it-with-a-pen old school cassette tapes] and lived out of a shed; in comparison to the work he has put in to get to this point, he is still so disgustingly underrated).
  • Billboard wants you to vote for who has the best new single in 2014: Shakira (feat. Rihanna) with "Can't Remember to Forget You", Miley Cyrus with "Adore You", or Beyonce (feat. Jay Z) with "Drunk In Love" (spoiler alert: none of these are that fucking fantastic [though the lesser of all evils is Beyonce's; when in doubt, always choose Beyonce]).
  • John Newman is going to be taking over and ruling everything soon because his soulful melodies can no longer be contained and you know you've been listening to "Losing Sleep" at three each morning and your answer to the question presented throughout "Love Me Again" is always "with a rhythm like that, how could I not love you?". In all seriousness, the only thing with more soul than these satisfying melodies are those pure sweet vocals that suck you in and get you hooked from that first high note.
  • Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis performed "Can't Hold Us" on a city bus and it was adorable and almost made me wish I lived in NYC (then I remembered how much I hate visiting the city, no matter the season).
  • Watsky has announced that he has begun work on his next album and my only response is "fuck. Yes. Finally". Listen to everything he has ever done to hear why I'm so excited (or listen to "Sloppy Seconds" [if you've already heard the song, watch it with the captions on for something fun], "Strong As An Oak", "100 Words You Could Say Instead of Swag", and "Hey, Asshole" if you just want a taste of some of his music).
  • Lakefield has announced that their last ever EP, Swan Songs, will be released February 14 and debuted the first single, "Good Guy", which is almost annoyingly perfect (seeing as how the band is giving us this gorgeous work, only to disappear and never do it again).

       Hopefully that will hold you over for a bit and you can check out a video from the Remix Artist Collective featuring Kele and MNDR below, because the melody is upbeat, the lyrics are dark yet still maintain a sweet melancholy feeling, and the dark video with the smiling protagonist mirrors that sound with ease. Also, the protagonist eats a person and it's awesome (awesome in an insane music video kind of way, not in a realistic way; I am not promoting cannibalism [it is, in fact, frowned upon in most societies]).
"Let Go" RAC featuring Kele and MNDR
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