2/6 / by E

       There are so many things that are in the works for my 'little' blog right now that I'm having trouble actually believing any of it is true, so I'd rather just listen to some of the awesome artists that are going to start being featured on the site. Look for all these names (some 'established', some up and coming) on the site soon and dance/sing along to their fantastic music (some of these are on SoundCloud, so click on the track names to hear those songs).
"Ready Set Go" Royal Tailor (featuring Capital Kings)
"Synesthesia" Chuckie Campbell
"2+2=5, You Suck" The Saving Pointe
"Luck" American Authors
"Fall Apart" PawnShop Kings
"Young Hearts" Strange Talk
"Good Guy" Lakefield
"Julie" Dovetail
"Old School Japan" Flora Cash
"Waiting For" Charlie Oxford
"Give Me A Reason" Runaway Dorothy
"Good Morning and Good Night" Maggie McClure
"Thirty One & Sevens" I Killed the Prom Queen
- E
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