Concrete / by E

Page's vocals are satisfyingly full and carry unabashedly honest lyrics with such ease that it's hard to not get sucked into this song right away. 

The instrumentation features slowly strummed guitars, steady piano chords, and a simple rhythm that urges the song forward. The sturdy instrumentation unwinds in time to give Page's soaring vocals the spotlight, then quickly builds itself back up in time to lend an extra sense of urgency to already desperate lyrics. 

Everything from an opening line which states "so you know the Earth only turns one way, so you could look back and say 'no way' and I could be concrete but it all got crazy" to the end which unravels to the repetition of "won't you charge for your heart and be my light brigade" is brilliant, so check out "Concrete" and head to the sites to find out more about the artist.

"Concrete" Fred Page