Happy Alone / by E

       AV Club premiered Saintseneca's video for their new single, "Happy Alone", today and it's fantastic, because the only thing better than new music from Saintseneca is a new video from Saintseneca (watch "Visions" now if you haven't had a chance yet). The single is featured on the band's upcoming album, Dark Arc, which will be available April 1. 
       The band's soft folk sound is influenced by a rhythm that is just heavy enough to lift it up to near alternative standards, leaving their sound to fall perfectly into its own niche between genres while honest lyrics (that speak of hope even in isolation) are kept light by a fun melody that will be running around your head all day and a prominent rhythm that will leave you unconsciously moving along to the song. 
"Happy Alone" Saintseneca
- E
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