On Our Way / by E

The Royal Concept's music sounds like a solid mix of San Cisco and Black Kids with just enough of a Phoenix-esque influence to maintain and flesh out a youthfully exuberant rhythm which could otherwise have a tendency to spin out ahead of the rest of the song. 

The melody is fantastically 'hummable' (meaning, it's going to be popular; since the 1700's, if a melody was hummable, it was popular [unsurprisingly, people like being able to sing to their favorite songs]), that rhythm could not be more perfect, there is both a vocal melody (of la, la, la's) and a whistling melody, the lyrics are fun and, when the song hits its sweet spot in time for that chorus to kick in, it's impossible to not get pulled into the song.

Check out the video for "On Our Way" below to see why you should really start falling for The Royal Concept's music and get their Royal EP and new single, "D-D-Dance", from iTunes now. 

"On Our Way" The Royal Concept