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There's been a lot of Pitbull bashing and that's unnecessary; I make fun of his lack of imagination when it comes to album titles, but he is legitimately good.

The main reason why Pitbull is awesome: He appreciates his fans. A lot of artists take time out of their shows and say things like "you guys are awesome/this is the best crowd we've had/you guys are better than [insert competitive city here]" and you're just standing there thinking "yeah, okay, we all know you say this to everyone so let's just move on and get back to the music" but, when Pitbull thanked his fans he was sincere. He took time out of the concert to talk with the crowd (there's a difference between 'to' and 'with') and his gratitude was not just a front; you can tell from the body language, hear it in their voice, and it is just so overwhelmingly evident when an artist actually means what they're saying, and Pitbull meant it when he thanked his fans for taking him from Mr. 305 to Mr. Worldwide (it may have helped that I saw him in his hometown, but still). You should never bash on an artist who is truly thankful for their current standings and whom understands that their fans are, while not the only reason, a large part of how they got there (and stay there). 

Plus, his most recent single which has been controlling your radio for the past few months is awesome. There's Ke$ha, Pitbull's fun lines, and a fucking trumpet in a pop song (every pop song should really try to throw some muted brass in with the rest of the instrumentation).

Listen to "Timber" below and don't bother to fight the urge to dance.

"Timber" Pitbull featuring Ke$ha

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