Weapons / by E

Hudson Taylor's latest music video is just as desperate and haunted as the song itself (though through a much harsher lens, clearly).

The duo's sound is reminiscent of a modern day Everly Brothers; the only thing which stands against those solid guitar melodies are the brother's pure vocals which feature articulate lyric lines that scream of a tendency towards hopeless romantics ("put down your weapons, lets be defenseless, surrender your love and no more secrets" and "this is how it is when it all gets wild, you can hit me hard, hit me hard as you like, if only you could see it through my own two eyes, you could see the view from the other side"). 

It's truly fantastic and their sweet vocal melodies make it so very difficult to not get hooked on these tracks which start as soft indie folk melodies and always manage to build into a frenzied desperation by their end. 

Check out the latest video from the Irish duo below then head to the sites to find out more about the band. 

"Weapons" Hudson Taylor

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