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  • Milky Chance's Sadnecessary  came out and the guys performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Check out singles "Flashed Junk Mind" and "Stolen Dance" to hear how these guys effortlessly turn what's lost in translation into something gorgeous and alluringly unpretentious.
  • Sir Sly's obnoxiously good You Haunt Me was released and every track is worth the listen. Check out every track for music and lyrics so heartfelt you'll be sucked in within seconds. Hit up tracks "Leave You", "Where I'm Going", and "Helpless / Bloodlines, Pt. II".. there is no 'bad choice'.
  • Belarbi released a remix of Stal's "Gone" and there's nothing else you need on your Friday than to play this at full volume while getting ready. Downbeats weave their way through a secondary line of enticing upbeats and turn it into something truly hypnotic as Belarbi strips the original track of its too heavy bass and restrained rhythm to stuff it full of a dub inspired sound you'll never stop dancing to. 
  • Nolan Kennedy released debut album The Honesty Theory and it's got an impressive purity to it that feels so bold in contrast to lyrics that ring out with a solid, wouldn't you know, honesty. Check out lyric videos for "Apologize", "Cover You", and "Devil Creep" so you can sing along when the tracks inevitably get stuck in your head.
  • Taylor Swift's "Out of the Woods" was catchy but the heavy presence of Jack Antonoff's irrepressibly driven production style made the track. Ten seconds of static shot to the number one slot in Canadian iTunes charts when 'Track 3' from her album was mistakenly 'released'; in the future, we should all learn from Canada's mistake and preview the tracks before buying them, lest we end up with something as uninspired as "Welcome to New York" sitting in our library. Look for new lyrics from each of her album's tracks to be released on her Tumblr page every day leading up to the release of 1989 (10/27) and check out leaked track "Blank Space" now.
  • Dotan released the 'official' music video for single "Home" now that he's signed to Republic.
  • Hook N Sling are offering a free download of their latest track "Tokyo By Night".
  • The Lone Bellow released their music video for "Then Came The Morning" in anticipation of their sophomore album, Then Came The Morning, due out January 27th, 2015. See them live; they're on tour this fall (check dates here) and they're one you don't want to miss. 
  • The video for James Bay's "Hold Back the River" is as subdued as the song itself.. James Bay's vocals are gold, his guitar work is enviable, but his productions are lackluster and always manage to make the wrong choice, taking an indie/folk song you should be able to listen to on repeat and pumping it out in a narrow pop format that you'll grow tired of after a few listens. His Hold Back The River EP will be released November 24th.
  • The music video for Jack Carty's "What Am I Gonna Do With All Of My Love Now" from his debut album Esk, out now, is as laid-back as the track. The album's stellar, but it's got to be listened to in segments or the sweetness and the touch too smooth production will make you hate it. One or two songs at a time and it'll be the perfectly sweet lift to your crisp Fall playlist.
  • Saving Abel is streaming portions of new tracks off their next album, Blood Stained Revolution, on their PledgeMusic page. Head here to support the new album, set to be released this Veteran's Day.
  • "Fruition" is so great it's annoying. Thom Lion and the Tamers present something that can be played on repeat, earnestly, with a refreshing mix of alt folk and beach vibes which should not work, but come together so smoothly it's hypnotic. 
  • The Rooks released new single "Secrets" and its subdued jazz/alt sound is all you need to listen to on a lazy afternoon. 
  • The Never Ever's video for single "Nightlife" is thoroughly unobtrusive in light of how catchy the track is; check out their YouTube channel now to hear so many addictive tracks in one place it's nearly obscene.
  • Go Fiasco released their single "Heaven" and it is one of few tracks that live up to the praise appointed to it in their email. It's offhandedly pointed with a mellow bass and leading drums that pull it all in while the guitar pushes out; an alluringly different sound that all feels so solid. 
  • The Well Reds will be releasing new album, Volume, November 10th and, with it, have proven that it is possible to make a great album with eighty percent of the tracks being hittingly energetic. Check out singles "Carousels" and "Do You Still Love Me" for a taste of the sound that will make your November nights warmer once it's released.  
  • Lucian remixed Alanis Morisette's "Forgive Me Love", stripping it of its too slow rhythm and the melancholia that rang through each bar of the original and infusing it with a Miami club feel featuring warm beats and an easy to catch refrain.
  • Zella Day's latest single, "Hypnotic", is iTunes single of the week; check it out and get the self-titled EP now. 
  • Stargroves received the Young Turks Award for their outstanding website; head there now to hear hypnotic tracks like "Hats In The Air" and "Within Me A Lunatic Sings" featuring vocals from Abigail Breslin.
  • The DC world gets a facelift on the 31st with the release of LiVKi's "Dark Blonde Rises". It's perfectly dark and hardened with just a shot of chaos in the gritty production and a chorus that will have you hooked in one listen. 
  • Paul McDonald's debut album is on its way and you can hear new single "Bright Lights" now. The piano's gorgeously understated, production's light enough to keep the focus on McDonald's soft vocals, and the track's 'idea of love' makes it sweeter than a straight up love song. Look for an interview and guest post to come soon. 
  • Fairchild's "Arcadia" offers up a refreshing take on Australian music; for so long Australia's releases have been associated with beach pop that it was getting hard to stomach, but Fairchild took their track and gave it a cool feel with a sped up rhythm and lilting melody that hits just right. 
  • October is National anything you want it to be Month: Breast Cancer Awareness, Adopt A Shelter Dog, Depression Education and Awareness, Bullying Prevention Month, National Pizza Month.. Artists Lizzie Sider and Us the Duo focus on Bully Prevention with their school tours and "Shake It Off" covers, respectively. Others focus on depression awareness with Fierce Bad Rabbit's superb "Let Me Go", QVALIA's running anthem of "I Won't Let Go", We Are Station's sweet "Keep Your Head Up", and Sir Sly's all too amazing "Too Far Gone". Some alternate songs for you: put in your headphones and listen to "I Don't Care" at full volume while walking down those halls, "Calm My Soul" and "Tears To Diamonds" will get you, go ahead and blare "Timeless" and, if all else fails, check out anything Watsky or The Wombats. I promise you, one day you are going to wake up and it won't all feel so gray. Give it time. 

"Carousels" The Well Reds

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