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  • Ingrid Michaelson's "Afterlife" video perfectly captures lines "living like you're dying isn't living at all, give me your cold hands, put them on my heart, raise a glass to everyone who thinks they'll never make it through this life, to live a brand new start" with a sweetly honest video made to make you smile. Check it out and know that everyone fucks up, everyone's fucked up, and everything is going to be just fine.
  • Taylor Swift's 1989 came out and people lost their shit over "Blank Space". Get past the fact that the entire album is straight-up pop and you'll hear lyrics more mature than anything Swift's written before; it's refreshing, sweet, and all so self-aware that it's impossible to not fall for. Turn it up and dance around your place, because that's really what "Style" and "Shake It Off" are best for.
  • After the weekend's cringe-worthy performance on SNL, Mø released the whole cliched "no one is perfect; I don't want to be perfect anyways - lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " mini speech because, y'know, nobody's perfect, you live and you learn it.. That being mocked, she's got enough catchy tracks to blur out that performance so it's all cool.
  • Fairchild's "Arcadia" takes a cooler approach than its predecessors in a refreshing change of pace. The whole beach pop scene was fun, but "Arcadia" is a breath of fresh air with an irrepressible melody.
  • Dorothy gives us the first "fuck yes" response to good rock in too long with wonderfully hardened vocals, rich soul, heavy beats, and distorted riffs that beg you to turn down the lights and dance with your crush. Wait till the chorus of "Wicked Ones" kicks in and you'll be hooked. 
  • Paul McDonald's "Bright Lights" offers up an impossibly addictive melody with sweet lyrics and a stripped to its core feel that gives it a stark purity and honest feel, so sweet to hear in a track's instrumentation. Look for an interview plus a guest post from Paul coming in November. 
  • "Howlin' Marilyn" deserves a spot on your Halloween playlist. My Old Dutch created a perfectly gritty song that'll sound perfect turned way up on Friday night. 
  • The Rebel Light's "Strangers" stands in stark contrast to the upcoming, cool Winter months with a sweet West coast sound that reeks of hot sand and open shirts. Check it out for a melt in your mouth melody and smooth vocals that'll have you hooked in seconds.
  • Smashing Satellites' greatly addictive "Hounds" should be all over your radio; check out the new EP, SonicAluzion (A-Side), to hear tracks "Waterfall" and "Calm Me Down" then look for an interview with the band coming in November.
  • Nolan Kennedy's The Honesty Theory offers up crisp tracks wrapped in articulate lyrics and sweet guitar hooks sure to drag you in. With a familiar quality to the sound which feels like all the good '90's alt-rock that first made you beg for your own instrument, it's so easy to sink into tracks like "Cover You" and "Apologize".
  • Tin Sparrow's mellow chords and full vocals fill up each track with an undeniable soul and a pleasant air of stripped down approachability with tracks "Echoes In The Dark" and "Grass Stained Volleys" from Shoelace Ring EP being so easy to play again and again.
  • Marshall Stone gives this indie fueled list a sweet country feel with the summer chords and fun-loving lyrics of single "How You See It All" from album Good Times Never Fade.
  • Mat Kearney will be releasing his next single, "Heartbeat", November 4th.
  • East of Ely's self-titled EP is impossible to ignore with great riffs and striking chords that'll have you asking how many replays are too many. Listen to "Waterfalls", "Easy Friend", and "Came Without". 
  • Sam Burchfield released the music video for single "Here Tonight" with a feel as laid-back and relaxed as the track and artist himself; check out an interview and get his debut EP, Where To Run, on iTunes now.
  • Smile Swamp Princess will be releasing the music video for single "XXXO" on November 4th, but you can listen to the single on SoundCloud now. 
  • Kid Radio's "Young Heart" is impossible to sit still to and gives you something you're sure to fall for, as the driven beats of this band's production style are going to wrap around and drag you in within seconds; it just gets better with each listen.

"Bright Lights" Paul McDonald

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