The Kid Has Issues / by E

A simply produced video mirrors the attitude of a track which was written and performed solely by Mwansa while maintaining a stark beauty with its unrelenting honesty.

The devolving production comes off as a continual misstep that begins to feel normal and lines "break my heart in half to find a broken heart never heals right, and I try to tell the people that I'm dying, I said I'm dying here" lend a raw emotion to an already powerful track.

Mwansa described his track best with "it’s acceptance. It’s the broken vase you’ve tried to glue back together that doesn’t quite look right. But you have no choice but to live with it.” 

Check out the video below, get alternate single "Burn This House" from iTunes now, and head to the sites to find out more.

"The Kid Has Issues" Mwansa

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