Fine / by E

I find myself hopelessly addicted to this track, and I am totally okay with that fact. 

The simply stated repetition of "I'll be fine, if I get over it, when I get over it" is great enough to stand on its own, but the succinct verses and that fantastic composition (which gradually builds from a simple guitar riff to include drums, bass, piano, and, halfway through, a heavy techno influence which you never realized was simmering just below the track's surface until your second listen) only further the assertion that this band is brilliant. 

Verses which state "cigarettes burned my desk today, blank page you know but I'm OK, these words I've written a million times", "you said 'I had enough today, I'm leaving you' and I'm OK, these words I've heard a million times", "nothing to do with what you think, cherish that part of everything, these words I've lost a million times", "dig this grave or just let it shine, the entire world is mine, these words I've prayed a million times" are as equally complex and emotional as the track itself, but still simple enough that you can play the single on repeat without being bogged down by your own thoughts. Being able to create something that evokes so many emotions while still maintaining a light feel is an enviable skill, and one which makes it impossible to ignore this band, so check out the websites below and get the EP from their website now. 


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