We Won't Go Home / by E

The Colourist released their video for their single "We Won't Go Home" from their forthcoming self-titled debut album (due for release tomorrow) and it's just as youthfully exuberant as the song itself. 

Hazy images and colorful tints laid over intermingling shots of a party and the band's performance gives the video a laid-back vibe which mimics that perfectly fun melody and upbeat rhythm with ease while the back and forth dialogue of the pre-chorus ("I said 'Hey, where are you going?'" "Well I don't know but truly you can see we're moving way too slow") gives the track a fresh feel and makes it impossible to not sing along.

Check out the new video below and get the single now when you pre-order The Colourist on iTunes.

"We Won't Go Home" The Colourist

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