Rollercoaster / by E

Jack Antonoff's announcement of his solo project, Bleachers, came about after the release of the first single "I Wanna Get Better" and, with the premiere of a track that fantastic, it was easy to label the band as a one hit wonder, but his latest tracks, with their prominent rhythms and melodies so addictive they're impossible to ignore, are just as great.

Bleachers is your favorite angsty punk rock band from high school, all grown up. The lyrics read just as desperately as you love, but with an eloquent and honest wording that only comes about with age; the compositions are mature, with melodies that throw in just enough twists to keep it fun and lighthearted while a rhythm keeps it steady and grounded, all without drowning out the vocals with their exuberance.

The airy intro is met with a solid guitar riff and persistent rhythm while a wandering riff maintains a lighthearted presence in the background throughout the track and lyrics which read "now I'm running and I can't stop anywhere I go, I think about it every day and that I can't let go, man I'm never the same, we were shotgun lovers, I was a shotgun running away" are too great to not get caught up in. The track's eagerness to leave lyrics up to the listener's interpretation takes it back to the wonderfully great origins of 'alternative' while the rhythm insists on throwing in just enough of a pop feel that there's no way you cannot become addicted.

Bleachers is the band you've always loved, just updated to match the times, so pre-order Strange Desire and listen to the three readily available singles.

"Rollercoaster" Bleachers

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