Wolf Bite / by E

Upon first listen, Owl City's new single sounds like the efforts of a boy band trying to make a comeback that everyone knows won't happen because the lyrics in the chorus are far too reminiscent of something you might find in the pages of a middle school girl's composition book; it gets exponentially better after your premiere listen. 

The single grows on you until you're dancing around to a production as prominent as the one featured on "Hello Seattle" with lyrics as sweetly reminiscent yet simultaneously hopeful for things to come as "I'll Meet You There", all without slipping into the void of overly produced pop that "Good Time" was left drowning in two summers ago. 

The track has the fresh feel of Maybe I'm Dreaming but with the ability to make you dance that has only come about with experience. The more structured track pulls everything together with a fun, pulsing rhythm and a melody addictive enough to have you hitting repeat before the last note has faded out, all while lyrics as great as "it's another wolf bite, howling in the moonlight, I wanna get my life right" and "if the darkness falls and my angel calls, in my despair, will you be there?... If the world goes blind and I lose my mind, will you show me the way tonight?" will have you singing along shamelessly. 

Featuring a production as fun and unique as everything that first made you fall for Young's music, "Wolf Bite" feels like a trip back home to the music you've always loved and offers a single you'll want to dance around to all summer long. 

Check out the sites, get the single, and pre-order your copy of the new EP Ultraviolet, available June 27th. 

"Wolf Bite" Owl City

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