Whoa Whoa Whoa / by E

Watsky's first new track since the inarguably fantastic Cardboard Castles features a grinding guitar riff, solid drums that push the track forward with a purposeful enthusiasm, and a beat which sucks you in and convinces you to dance with ease. 

Watsky's lyrics are as unforgivingly honest and straightforward as ever, with lines "I'm gonna win the tournament, that's what I'm all about. Do what I gotta do and never gonna pout" and "ever since I was a little kid I know that I've been looking for the hot hot spotlight, and if you really wonder what I think about the competition, they were not not not tight" bleated out intermittently with a vocal sample which features the remarkably simple and moving repetition of "whoa whoa whoa, what do you take us for?".

Watsky's always great lyrics ring with well thought out allusions and are never afraid of taking it a step too far and his latest video to go with the single (featuring well-knowns: Jim Belushi, Bo BurnhamChinaka Hodge, and Julia Misaki) features the same 'never back out' attitude exhibited in all his tracks, before ending in flames. 

The track grabs your attention immediately and hangs on until the final fade-out while the video will keep you watching as it flips from scene to crazy scene. 

Get the latest single from Watsky's forthcoming All You Can Do now and catch him on the Warped Tour circuit this summer.

"Whoa Whoa Whoa" Watsky

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