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  • The Griswolds' "Beware The Dog" needs to be your new go-to summer track because no other song is as fun to sing along to right now and "we used to joke and it felt like home, but now you're fucking crazy" is perfect.
  • James Bay released "If You Ever Want To Be In Love" Monday morning and sweetly honest lyrics fall in line perfectly with a guitar that feels like home while the adorable repetition of "if you ever want to be in love, I'll come around" is sure to make you fall for the single. James Bay's "Let It Go" continues to rise in popularity because you can always bet on male singers from the UK to take the US by storm. 
  • Royal Tailor released a new video for their previously released single, "Ready Set Go" (featuring Capital Kings). This video's storyline is just as intricate as the last video's (there's no story, only a cautionary tale of the dangers of bringing back the fedora), but the song is as disgustingly catchy as ever and kind of perfect to throw into some of this summer's playlists. 
  • Buffalo Sunn released their video for their single "By Your Side" and I became even more addicted to the gorgeously unique sound this group has created (it's like the lovechild of The Beach Boys and San Cisco became obsessed with Oasis and took their drum cues from early '90's RHCP). 
  • Hudson Taylor's "Battles" gave us a peek at their Battles EP and I found myself, yet again, awe-struck by the remarkable resemblance between these guys and The Everly Brothers. The duos acoustic guitar melodies which discreetly support their softly powerful vocal harmonies is enough to bring the comparison to mind, but the songwriting structure itself is similar enough that I will never not immediately fall for a Hudson Taylor track. 
  • Eminem's "Headlights" is crafted with the care and precision of every Eminem track while the achingly honest lyrics examine a relationship that can never be repaired, but will never be broken.
  • Ed Sheeran came out with the official video for his single "Sing" and terrified automatonophobiacs everywhere; even if you don't have issues with that, the video is still creepy as fuck.
  • Grouplove released their music video for "Let Me In" and it features scenes from The Fault In Our Stars, making it the most adorable video of the month. All fandom aside, the song itself is as underrated and amazing as all of the other Grouplove tracks which have never made it to the radio (though I'm sure this track will find its way there). The band's knack for creating fun lyrics that still mean so much thrives on this simple track which pleads "give me that love I'll be waiting for you, catch my hand I'll be fighting for ya".
  • Kodaline came out with a video documenting their latest tour and paired it with the wonderfully perfect for summer track, "Way Back When".
  • Smoove & Turrell's Broken Toys is a breath of fresh air featuring some of the most danceable pop jazz released in a long while. Listen to their single "Lay It On Me" for something to dance around to and fall in love with. 
  • Foster The People's music video for "Best Friend" features a bizarre take on the fashion world with a video trippy enough to match the psychedelic feel to the track. The video features Foster constantly sitting on the sidelines while lyrics "when your best friend's all strung out, you'll do everything you can, 'cause you're never gonna let it get 'em down" and "I'm here no matter where you are" are trotted out over the degeneration of the protagonist's modelling career.
  • "Brightside" left me, once again, completely addicted to Little Earthquake. These brothers always find a way to throw a perfect piano riff into a techno track that is brought back down to Earth, with sturdy drums and a full guitar sound, seconds before drifting away.
  • LP's "Night Like This" is iTunes 'Single of the Week' so make sure to get it while you can. As with every other time I mention her, make sure to see her in concert if you have the chance; LP is the only female singer I have seen who sounds better live than recorded and those vocals are completely frisson inducing.

I know there are plenty of other music news bits which I have missed but, for now, just enjoy the perfection which is Stargroves' "Hats In The Air". The inspiriting beauty of that composition, combined with lyrics so honest they run through your mind as if you've always known them, makes this track impossible to ignore.

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