Pour / by E

SLK (pronounced 'Silk') manages to lay eloquent lyrics "throw me off course, till I'm lost till I'm late, I won't tether my thoughts now you've led them astray" and "my rented heart out on loan to you, always held too tight and now it beats blue" over an intelligently produced (courtesy of Embody) track that features simple melodic embellishments intermixed with a heavy production; the constantly pulsing rhythm and heavy bass is broken up by sweet vocal runs and a melody light enough to give the track a hypnotic, hazy feel. 

Powerful, emotional drops are met with deep vocals that pick the track back up with "I'm so full of you.. I'm so full up" complementing the heavy, undulating rhythm and standing in stark contrast to SLK's sweet vocals and playful melody. 

Listen to the track's entrancing production and SLK's gorgeous vocals, then grab your copy of Form now.

"Pour" SLK

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