A+D / by E

Vita Chambers' latest single is as easy to listen to as ever, with her always great lyrics and hearty beats appearing in force. 

The chorus' "cuz this feels like a devil and an angel fell in, fell in love, just the right dose of right and wrong" is mirrored perfectly throughout alternate lyrics "if you're loveless we can find some love for you, and if you're drinkless we can fix that too" while potent lines "for a price we all got a soul to sell, don't tell yourself lies you don't have to, just cuz it's said don't mean it's true" hold Chambers' signature relatable lyrics and mix so eloquently with her pure, strong vocals. 

A gorgeous melody mixes with a fast paced beat and a bass heavy enough to feel so alluringly that you'll be ready to hit repeat before the track has faded out to its subtle end.

Check out the orchestral version for a charming twist on this single; featuring a sweet string quartet holding its own against a prominent rhythm and recurring synth line, it truly emphasizes the track's bittersweet quality.

"A+D" Vita Chambers

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