Carousel Ride / by E

Rubblebucket released their latest single "Carousel Ride" and the band's unique production choices come together perfectly to create a track that feels fresh and is undeniably addictive.

Stream of consciousness lyrics read honestly, with Traver's compellingly unique vocals doling out articulate lines "get myself fat and get myself thin, trotting through life with occasional winds, thought it'd be cool to calm my wits, oops" and "I think I was a bird in another life, maybe that's why I'm prone to flight, and I do like heights".

The fun melody tilts and twirls with pretty piano chords, a sturdy guitar riff, and prominent brass; their dynamics roll in perfect harmony, surging then dropping off when another picks up, and the chorus allows them to all go in their own direction while a lulling drum rhythm and sweet vocals hold them together with a stern rhythm and "round and round and round I go, hoping for a miracle, I got no place to run and hide, I guess I'll take a spin on the carousel ride / just the way the stars align, it's not a reason to get blind, no, take another spin on the carousel ride"; the sweet, melodic refrain feels like a soft wave crashing over you.

Those piano chords are perfect (and the soft melody that plays the track out is gorgeous), the guitar riffs prominent enough to pull you into the song, the drums comfortable and steady, and the great vocals and fun brass add just enough of a twist to keep the track wholly entertaining.

Guitarist, Ian Hersey, explained the band's music best with "our music is like being at a raging party, but in the centre of it, there's this beautiful painting that you're staring at, trying to wrap your mind around".

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"Carousel Ride" Rubblebucket

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