Collide / by E

EVVY's "Collide" feels remarkably fresh with a sweet pop melody holding out over heavy synths and pulsing percussions.

The track, produced by Mickey Valen & The King, is simultaneously light and grounded, the duo's incredible knack for highlighting the best parts of the melody and rhythm by bringing them to the top, without allowing the production to drown out even the sweetest vocals, in full swing. EVVY's pure vocals ring out clearly as lyrics "I looked all over your face to find the reason it makes me feel so damn new" and "your lips, they used to haunt me, but now you want me and I'm floating off the ground" seek to explain the complexities of new love while a fun melody works to keep up with the prominent beat.

A bridge which features "oh, I crash into you, and I'm better being broken, and you've got me movin' to your heartbeat, to your heartbeat" played out over a simple piano line with some hearty percussion thrown in is insanely addictive and there's no way to sit still while listening to that final refrain. 

Few tracks are more satisfying to the ear than one of Mickey Valen & The King's and not many female vocalists have a sound as sweetly rich and pure as EVVY's, so check out "Collide" below, head to the websites, and listen to tracks "Got Me Movin'" and "Haze" for good music that breathes fresh summer vibes.

"Collide" EVVY

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