Hold On To Your Breath / by E

Sleepy Tea's ambient track offers a refreshing change of pace from the heavy bouncing beats and overly produced tracks that so often fill up the summer release lists. 

The track feels like a dreamscape, with sweet vocal harmonies melting into a soft, winding melody and a slowly building beat that pushes the track forward at its own pace. The sturdy drums, persistent piano, sweet guitar, and soft horn combine to create an hypnotizing track that is only made better by its articulate lyrics.

Beginning with "there's no looking back from here, whose is this life I'm living" and developing into great lines "day to day we live like the summer, it's wallpaper thin and rolls on forever, try to get oxygen burning the same lines, searching to find little pieces of all we had" while the chorus earnestly insists "and the day will come again when you'll be fine, hold on to your breath as best you can, knowing this will fade away in time"; these lyrics could not be more eloquently put.

Listen to the entrancing track now for a sweetly lulling sound and head to Sleepy Tea's Bandcamp page to grab your copy now.

"Hold On To Your Breath" Sleepy Tea

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