Paralyse / by E

Polarheart's "Paralyse" features a video as trippy and hypnotic as the song itself. 

The fun production falls in waves and bittersweet lyrics and soft vocals are balanced out by a solid beat and lilting hooks, all while the interminably catchy chorus slowly plants itself in your mind. 

Soaring synths wind through a soft rhythm in a trancelike way while articulate lines "I'm sitting here I got nothing but my name, got a bag full of ash and a pocket full of shame, head to the floor send a wish up to the sky, but I'm waking up to nothing and I have to wonder why" lay across a melody too rich and pretty to not fall for. 

Check out the addictive single from Australian duo Polarheart below and head to the sites to hear more.

"Paralyse" Polarheart

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