Me & U - Final Installment of Luv U Giv Video Trilogy / by E

Tommy Trash has released the final installment of his animated video trilogy directed by Lorraine Nicholson and Lena Greene. "Me & U" featuring Anna Lunoe closes out the Luv U Giv series with a climactic ending to the epic tale, watch as Tommy escapes from a whale's stomach and is rescued from certain death at the hands of cannibalistic dolls. The Luv U Giv EP is out now on Fool's Gold, watch all three videos below and keep an eye out for a special A-Trak and Mr. Goldbar cameo.

Listen to the Luv U Giv EP out on Fool's Gold now.

Watch Part I: "Luv U Giv"

Watch Part II: "Body Movin'"

Watch Part III: "Me & U" feat. Anna Lunoe

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