Bones / by E

Message from Luka:

“Mental health is such a massive thing in our society and only now are we beginning to really learn about it and accept it as an issue we all need to stay on top of. This piece is also about my own struggles and how I stepped to the edge back in 2008/09 and decided to say 'no' to that temptation.
I think it is actually an important part of life - once I decided to stay I also then decided not to waste my time, not to avoid my dreams and not to buy into the idea that I didn't have what it takes anymore. After I decided to stay, that was when I fully committed to fight and grow and build up this career and life that I now find myself in. As the poems says: "I'm not ready to fall, just yet". And I won't be for a long time to come.
But for all those struggling out there, I feel you. This poem is not your typical 'don't worry be happy' type anti-suicide condescending speech from someone who has never actually experienced it. This is me going back to the darkness so that I can show what I believe to be the opposite of depression - not simply 'being happy'... but defiance.
Being defiant in the face of even your own mind and heart and soul telling you to give up. Staying fully defiant and committed to never allowing the demons to take over. Being defiant against haters and shit memories and seemingly even more depressing futures.
Staying defiant and keeping that as the foundation for how I live my life - that's what has helped me the most. From that foundation I have regained joy in my life and I am learning how to keep it there”.

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