Dance Like A Freak Videos / by E

All the videos that made us feel better about our mundane moves, featured dance as a respected art, or which inspired a lot of our own poor jumps and twirls that would never be acceptable for public viewing; we loved them all. 

No surprise that The Amazons are on this list. Cut out the ridiculous riffs, the prominent move your damn feet beats, and lyrics that mark the chorus as one you just can't sit quietly through, and you're left with a video of simply the most honest bedroom dance moves of the year.


There's an undeniable and stark charm to the simplicity and authenticity of Big Strong Brute's Napolean Dynamite inspired video for "Wait". A lot of flowery descriptions that boil down to the fact that we really like this. It's honest, sweet, fun, and there's a dog! Throw in a vastly underrated song and this has been on repeat here for months.


While much more choreographed and beautiful than the others, Bec Sandridge's "In The Fog, In The Flame" gives us a great baton twirling dance in the making with visions of greatness that linger just outside the frames. Plus, the chorus is made for dancing and twirling with friends on sunny Saturdays.


Expected but well worth the mention, Phonat's "Fire" (featuring Jolie and the Key) should not only be added to your weights playlist, but should be (even more) widely watched for all its great moves. Seriously, we're jealous and laughably uncoordinated in comparison to people this awesome.


Always ready to talk up the truly amazing Kimberly Anne, while lyrics and secure riffs feel like something you want to lay back and listen to for hours, the video features a pretty mix of performance art that we're super into. Watch it for fun, press replay for your new addiction.


Downtempo, longing, and featuring less straightforward 'dance' than any of the others in this list, Neon Hitch's "Sparks" is here more-so and simply because of the feelings it invokes. Ultimate freedom and a sense of being uncontrolled; what else do you need to get you dancing? Don't miss our interview with Neon Hitch where she talks about the latest album, Eleutheromaniac.


Possibly our favorite 'find' of the year, Castlecomer never fails to put out absolutely perfect lyrics, matched in greatness only by running riffs and persistent, just off kilter beats we can't get enough of. Watch "Fire Alarm" and give the band a few more months to define their sound; they'll be unstoppable.


Wrapping it up, The Elwins' "Show Me How To Move" is just so damn cute and honest without missing a beat you've got to smile.