Trance / by E

The Paradise Collective, a creative new production company formed by young directors Ryan Gregory Phillips and Joshua Guillaume, have partnered with solo indie rock artist Conner Stark to shoot his first music video Trance in 6K resolution. This form of filming is rare, but Phillips and Guillaume have broken the 6K technology to share Conner’s video on the internet.

Conner Stark, an already established songwriter known for his musical compositions on One Tree Hill, Style Network’s Style Pop, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards has decided to transition from music writer and composer to solo indie rock artist.

“The concept for Trance is more than a music video; it is a short film that expresses the primal emotion that you experience during a heartbreak and represents both the beauty and the pain that is felt during the process,” Conner states while explaining how his lyrics transfer on camera.

True love is when the demons dance

Perfectly within a trance

So let's dance, you know I love to

One-two with you

This ain't romance, two souls possessed 

Darkness is shining through 

As I fall for you

“Conner’s lyrics are raw and true, we wanted to make sure we had the right technology to match the passion behind his music. As directors we are always looking for ground breaking ways to produce content without limits; 6K resolution allowed us to vividly capture the pain behind Conner’s lyrics,” explains Joshua when asked why the decision was made to shoot in such a rare form.

Director Ryan Gregory Phillips sees the release of Trance as a great representation for The Paradise Collective. “Conner encompasses everything The Paradise Collective is about, collaborating with him and seeing that he does not want his music or art to be censored is exactly what we are paving the way to do,” says Ryan. “We are excited to grow more with Conner, be a part of pushing his art to the next level, hopefully crashing more technology and breaking more of the traditional rules in the process. That's what the collective is truly about.”

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