11/11 / by E

I know you guys are brokenhearted and disappointed, because that's how we all feel now that the shock has worn off. Brokenhearted that we couldn't break that highest glass ceiling, that little girls have real proof that an over-qualified woman will lose to a loud man regardless of how hard you fight, that anyone who is not a straight white male is suddenly vulnerable and unsafe in the space of 48 hours, that a self-important little man who spoke to the fears and hate of a dumbed down sector of the nation is now to hold the highest office. Brokenhearted and pissed the fuck off because our generation was never supposed to have to live in the same world our parents and grandparents did.

There are long powerful speeches all over the internet right now and mine would add nothing but another call to fight for what's right because we, as constituents, do hold more power than we've had to exercise these past 8 years. And to ask that we not try so hard for Trump's impeachment only because behind him is Pence and the only thing worse than hate by ignorance is hate by design (please do not give Pence a chance). It's a rotten and terrifying situation and I wish I had something to add to make it better.

This is not okay, this is not what was supposed to happen, and this is not the reason we had expected to cry Tuesday night. I will not sit here and tell you that it will be okay, because a man who has been praised by the KKK, assaulted women, and had only disgusting things to say about minorities and the disabled has just been elected to our highest office. But we have always persevered and we will do so now. It's our job to accept that this man is president. It is not our job to accept the way he sees us or what we are all capable of. It's our job now to fight for the rights and safety of our friends and neighbors and to use our power to love and support and come together to fight the small-minds who put us here. We have the power to go out and supersede these elected officials, whether they like it or not, to drive out their fear and hate rather than turn in and give up.

So don't lose your excitement from before and don't misplace your rage and fear now, use it to love and protect more with a fierceness that can stand alongside the vulnerable, because it's our job now to protect the rights of women, POC, Muslims, LGBTQ, disabled, and any of the other marginalized or disenfranchised groups who feel hopeless right now. We have to stay loud and obnoxious and make his supporters just as uncomfortable as they have made us because the only way you learn is by getting out of your comfort zone.

In a concession speech we had hoped to never hear, Hillary Clinton said "you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance in the world to pursue your dreams" and we do hope you guys remember that in all that's about to come.

More than anything, I wish I could give you the list of our offices' favorite kickass women in music in celebration of our first woman president and while these songs are but a consolation prize to that too great possibility, maybe one day that will change and, until then, maybe these songs will help to bring you some calm in a week that's been too long (plus, my all time favorite - and now fittingly titled - song from my personal yoga playlist is below and it's guaranteed to calm). Take deep breaths, tell your friends you love them and will stand with them, and get ready to continue fighting the next four years to protect the rights of a country we had hope in, not two days ago; we can still find our way to a fair and true great.

I promise we'll stay here, bringing you good music from just the best people, for as long as we can, because we all deserve some good shit from awesome artists, and we have a feeling music is about to get real woke and real important.