1900 - Vi - Press Release / by E

"I hadn’t thought about making another 1900 album. I felt that I had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish with the first album, and the thought of pulling out all those old worn tape recorders once again did not feel like an appealing thing to do. While recording the first album I used quite a few of those up. Some never worked, others stopped working right in the middle of recording. One even caught fire. It was a lengthy process and it felt good to put all that aside when I was done with it.

During all that time the 1900 music has lead a life of its own. I still get questions from people that just discovered the music, and it gets regularly played in TV and in movies. Maybe music just turns old much slower when it already sounds old when released?

After some time I started to get melodies stuck in my head that felt most suitable for something 1900 related.  I realized I miss that broken sound you get out of a tape recorder long overdue its intended life time. I like music that sounds torn and fray, and this way of making music takes me there fast. When I did get some time to spend I pulled out those old tape recorders and to my surprise they still worked. I started recording on them again." - Christian Gabel

 "Vi" was the first single out from the forthcoming 1900 album Tekno and today the video, made by Videomaskinen and Jonas Börjesson is out! Behind the name 1900 is Christian Gabel, of bob hund fame. On "Vi" the backing vocals is performed by legendary Swedish artist Thåström and Ossler.

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