Alisha Zalkin

Fearless by E

Zalkin's powerful vocals stay soft throughout the track's first minute, letting a pretty piano riff and soft rhythm lead the way before a charming set of strings chimes in but, by the time more words of wisdom have been doled out, the track swells with a powerful piano line, soft guitar hooks, heavy strings, and a persistent rhythm; all while Zalkin's vocals grow in intensity with sweet lines "don't wait for the day when your world might come crashing in, tear down the walls and break through" and "the worry you carry, is weighing on you, you're missing the beauty, you're travelling through" before an endearingly uplifting chorus insists "I've got nothing to lose, nothing to prove, I'll let go and be fearless, I won't run and hide, look this in the eye, and be fearless".

The video opens with the question "what does being fearless mean?" and serious, and great, responses ("embracing life, the good and the bad", "deciding to be all of who you are, flaws and all", "to love, to create, to be free") are intermixed with fun ones which read "fearless means, eating that Indian dinner when you know what's going to happen later" and "letting out a fart in a crowded elevator": the intermixed quotes perfectly personify a video which easily switches from somber shots to fun ones, all without slipping into an air of pretentiousness which so many tracks similar to this one are prone to doing; it's absolutely adorable and compellingly addictive. 

The beautiful people offering up their own words of wisdom make the video, but the song, which pulls the whole thing together for a wonderfully cheesy and perfectly frisson inducing five minutes of film, is fantastic; get the beautifully put together track from Alisha Zalkin's On This Road EP now and head to the sites below to hear more from this artist.

"Fearless" Alisha Zalkin

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