Leaders Of Men

For Want Of A Better Word by E

Irish band, Leaders Of Men, have released their latest single, "For Want Of A Better Word", which features frantic guitar riffs, prominent drums, and a sweet melody as addictive as Ashe's vocals are compelling. 

Articulate lyrics "it's not a war on her, it's a war on my pride" stand with a fun instrumentation that feels free, easily mixing the urgent, emotional guitar riffs with a heavy bass and sturdy drums. 

A straight to the point chorus offers up an honest explanation for the failed relationship with "and so I crawl away, for want of a better word, the easy way, it's too hard for me to be in love" trotted out unabashedly by Ashe's awesomely unique vocals that sound a bit like a smoky twist on a young Neil Sedaka; truly entrancing.

Listen to the single from Leaders Of Men below and head to the websites to find out more about the band and their forthcoming EP, Alexander House, due for release August 18th.

"For Want Of A Better Word" Leaders Of Men

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