Queen of Hearts

Like A Drug by E

Queen of Hearts' (pseudonym of Liz Morphew) "Like A Drug" wastes no time in introducing its heavy beats, with a dance-worthy rhythm pulling you into the song immediately and the repetitive "you give me a rush, love feels like a drug" giving you something to sing along with on first listen. 

The fun vocal hook that plays throughout only adds to the overall feeling of 'dance floor anthem' inherent in the track while great lines "time doesn't always play on your side, when your heart starts to defy, and you hold onto tears that you can't cry, I'm crushed by every moment spent with you" are hidden within the simple and fun refrains. 

Interchanging shots in the video lend to the EDM track's hypnotic quality while the simple concept mirrors repetitive lyrics and an addictive beat forces you to dance along. 

Check out the track below from Queen of Hearts' debut full-length album, Cocoon, and get the single from iTunes now. 

"Like A Drug" Queen of Hearts

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