SEE by E

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist SEE takes an intelligent but accessible approach to songwriting on her debut EP Ties with a confident and full sound you absolutely cannot miss.

Her single "Potions" has racked up over 1 million views on YouTube, and for good reason. Says SEE of her inspirations behind the single and video, "I fell in love with this girl and it was just this whirlwind of feelings and... it just all felt crazy and I was really into this person and so I wrote this song about it. A lot of LGBT representation in the media is always representation of people overcoming being gay or going through the struggle and that's a great story to tell, but it's too overdone; I just wanted a video where people were just happy to be with each other and that was the focus, instead of the fact that they were two girls".

SEE's sound is an eloquent dichotomy of control and emotion: tracks with a careful production and steady sequence mixed with emotive vocals and honest lyrics. "Ties encompasses the scope of my sound. It's a record that is based off of a bunch of real life experiences that take the form of an indie pop rock sound". 

Striking yet still attainable, SEE's sound is that of sincere words and honest music in a catchy hook, made for listening again and again. "This is all real art that I have worked on for a really long time and everything's written by me and I just want it to seem like it's very genuine, real emotions. Hopefully people can translate that and take that into their own lives and do with it what they will".

SEE is one to know now, not only because her career promises to be a popular one, but because you will be better for having heard music of this caliber, and that's what good music is all about.

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