Violet Days

Violet Days by E

Swedish act Violet Days never fails to make us smile and leave us anxiously waiting for more from the impressive indie pop act.

Enchanting and entrancing, tracks span the full spectrum; from the hopeful battle cry of "Screaming Colors" to the hazy dizziness of "So Dope" to the empowering "Your Girl" and the absolute banger that is latest single "O.D On You" with a gentle ease that's easy to fall for. While that signature Violet Days sound lays within each track (warm beats, melodic synths that meld with the music, and potent vocals unafraid of taking on the biggest track) the beautifully evolving style of each new track means you don't want to miss a thing from an act that so flawlessly keeps things fresh - and addictive.

It would be easy to pin the success of Violet Days solely on Lina Hansson's poignant vocals that sound like they were meant to take center stage and hold an audience, but Violet Days' music is more than just that. Heavily honest productions, authentic storytelling, emotive music, and a close relationship between that music and the vocals - along with, yes, Hansson's ever captivating voice - make every track a must-hear. Indie electro-pop that says something real and isn't afaid of doing so, Violet Days is real and impossible to forget.

Violet Days isn't stopping soon, so check out those singles, fall into those warm beats and honest narratives for a little bit, and discover your new favorite band.

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