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       Chris Pearson, Nick Box, Jake Lester, Shaun Menary, and Brandon Ross make up the alternative rock quintet, Sleeperstar. The band began in 2007 in Dallas, Texas and has since released two full albums (To Speak, To Love, To Listen [2008] and Just Another Ghost [2010]). They are preparing to release an EP which will act as an extension of their second album and will then be releasing a third album in early 2013 (Lost Machines)
       The band's song, "I Was Wrong," was featured on The Vampire Diaries last year and shot the album's sales up overnight, turning Sleeperstar from an independent band with a small, yet strong, fan base, to a signed band working on the release of their first EP, Blue Eyes (set to be released in January). The band's first album, To Speak, To Love, To Listen, had only seven songs, four of which ("The Journey", "Texas Rain", "Just So You Know", "Disengage") were carried over onto the bands second album, Just Another Ghost; one of the best albums of 2010. Though both albums are worth buying (and listening to multiple times over), "Texas Rain," "The Day I Quit My Job," and "We Go Tonight (Say It Again)" may be their catchiest songs, while the lyrics of "Wherever You Go," "Disengage," "Soon," and "The Journey" are so pure and unabashedly honest that you will fall for the band within the first thirty seconds. And the lyrics of "Carry You," "Losing You," and "I Was Wrong" are so great; this band never ceases to amaze me. 
       Pearson's beautifully unique voice (it's not often that you can call a voice both smooth and rough) will certainly attract listeners, as well as the unique sound created by the combination of styles which each individual member brings to the group. Check the band out in all the links below and make sure to buy their albums and keep an eye out for Blue Eyes (January 29) and Lost Machines.
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